Oil & Gas

  • Yield Accounting
  • detailed mass and energy balancing
  • energy management
  • cut of the barrel analysis
  • loss monitoring and analysis
  • product quality estimation.


  • Yield Accounting
  • detailed mass, component and energy balancing
  • energy management
  • loss monitoring and analysis
  • analysis of complex reaction systems

Power Generation and Distribution

  • Detailed mass and energy balancing of Power Plants
  • Thermodynamic modeling and analysis
  • Detailed analysis of losses
  • Monitoring Power Plant’s model parameters and KPIs (heat transfer coefficients, turbine’s isentropic efficiencies, Heat Rates, etc.)
  • On-line equipment malfunction detection
  • Prediction and simulation of plants (What If? scenarios etc.)
  • Cogeneration systems including thermal sea water desalination systems
  • Nuclear power plants including advanced nuclear reactors power monitoring.

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