RECONSET - Mass and Energy Balancing with Data Reconciliation

consists of two systems for balancing and modeling of process systems with Data Reconciliation and Validation. Validated data can be presented by PDIS – ChemPlant’s Process Data Information System which is fully integrated with RECONSET. Users can select a combination of software which suits their needs.

is a comprehensive interactive software for modeling (mass, energy and momentum balancing, thermodynamic calculations, etc.) of complex chemical and power plants on the basis of measured or otherwise fixed data. It is designed primarily for the validation of data, which has been obtained from operating processes but can be used also for simulation of plant’s behavior under changed conditions. RECON can be also used for classical balancing in the stage of the process design.  >>> more...

PDIS is a PC based process information system for process data collected from a single plant up to a complex production. The source of data for PDIS is a Data Warehouse of process, laboratory and logistic data based on the MS SQL Server or the Oracle platforms.   >>> more...

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