Balancing and Yield Accounting system with data validation

Program description

IBIS is a comprehensive PC software package for mass and utilities balancing in process plants. IBIS was created for setting up balances and yield accounting of complex manufacturing systems in the process industries. Besides applications in chemical industries IBIS is efficient also in all plants where it is important to gather and evaluate information about mass and energy flows (refineries, electrical networks, pipeline systems, etc.).



  • Setting up regular (e.g.daily) mass and energy balances
  • Data input is manual via keyboard or automatic from existing control and information systems
  • Reconciliation of redundant data
  • Automatic calculation of unmeasured flows and inventories from a balance model
  • Automatic generation of some unmeasured flows on the basis of so-called reference streams
  • Protection of results against human and measurement gross errors
  • Easy merging of balances of subsystems into the balance of whole plants or companies
  • Setting up balances in longer time intervals
  • Automatic generation of tables and reports

The graph representation of the balancing flow-sheet
Full size of the flow-sheet


Characteristic features


The user can easily and with great freedom configure the system according to changing needs.

Balance model

IBIS does not form only database of measured quantities, but automatically sets up and solves the system of balance equations. On the basis of thus formed balance model it calculates unmeasured quantities.

Hierarchy of balancing

IBIS is distributed and hierarchical. It is supposed that input data can be entered at many sites (production units, plants) simultaneously. After a preliminary treatment of data at this lower level, data are sent to one or more higher levels, where the data processing continues.

IBIS can be distributed

IBIS can be hierarchical

Speed of calculation

Balance calculations are based on new fast algorithms developped by authors. This results in the fact that balances of even largest complexes can be solved on standard personal computers (the computing time even for large companies in seconds).

Data reconciliation

IBIS is equipped with so-called statistical reconciliation of redundant data, so that consistent (in the sense of balance laws) results are obtained. Reconciliation improves precision of results.

Gross errors elimination

The daily use of mass and energy information system in process industries can be called "a fight against gross errors" (human errors, malfunction of measurement instruments). IBIS is therefore rich in gross errors detection, identification and elimination methods which facilitates obtaining really reliable results.

Database and reporting facilities

IBIS has its own optimized database for comfortable managing of data files. It also contains a generator of tables and reports for efficient presentation of results (yield tables, surveys of expedition of products, inventories of products and intermediate products etc.).

Balancing report generated in EXCEL
Full size of the report
Trend of naphtha yields generated in Excel
Full size of the trend


Results can be exported in files readable by other text editors, spreadsheets and database systems.

IBIS enables one to form balances in longer time intervals (decades, months etc.) on the basis of short-term balances.

IBIS is based on more than 20 years experience with plant data processing systems. It incorporates the newest theoretical development in this field and at the same time also long-term practical experience.



There are many ways how to install IBIS, for example:

  • Installation on a single PC
  • Installation on LAN PCs
  • Hybrid installation, for example combination of a network with isolated PCs.
  • Communication with process historians, databases, etc.

The flexibility of installation makes possible an instant implementation of IBIS on existing hardware with perspective of smooth creation of balance information system of a whole plant or a company.


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